On all my travels, my camera is never far away. I love to capture the beauty of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and everything worth seeing there is. Here you'll find a selection of my favourite shots from around the world. I split them up into different Portfolios on the left; most of them can be seen in one of my travel reports listed on the right, too. However, these reports are only available in german. But I hope the photos speak for themselves!


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Up close with Alaska and Northern Canada by Sea and Air

Spellbound by the charms of the north I'd first experienced on a visit in summer 2010, I returned to Alaska the next year, to get a more intimate look at the Last Frontier, as the state is called. Travelling along its rugged coast in the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway Systems, I got to see stunning natural beauty, secluded little villages, captivating wildlife, and got to meet lots of interesting people. Afterwards, I hopped over to northern Canada to experience its extreme north, too.

Jetting through the Caribbean!

When my family started planning a sightseeing trip around the Caribbean, I was eager to come along! Starting out in Miami, we took a bus over the stunning Florida Keys down to Key West, before leaving the US and heading east to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. From there we headed south to the clean Cayman Islands, which we used as a gateway for a trip to nostalgic Havanna, Cuba. Thence, we continued via Kingston/Jamaica to the island of Curaçao and its beautiful town of Willelmstad. Remaining within the Netherlands Antilles, we finished on paradise-like St. Maarten island - and of course we didn't leave without seeing its neighbouring islands, St. Barths and Saba, either.

USA by Greyhound: Crossing America by bus; a 20'000km roadtrip

In all modesty, this probably was my trip of a lifetime. I set out to cross the whole USA by public transport, mostly relying on the infamous Greyhound busses. Starting at its very northeastern tip, I rattle down the eastern seaboard, cruise through the southern heartland all the way down to Florida, head on to the magnificant natural wonders of the Southwest, make my way all up the west coast from San Diego to Seattle, and top it off with a visit to amazing Alaska. 90 days, 20'000 kilometers, and quite a lot of photos!

The Best of two Worlds: Australia & New Zealand

While Europe was fighting everything that winter had in store, I travelled back down under and enjoyed weeks of sightseeing in the summer heat. We started in Perth on Australia's western shores, and crossed the country with a stop at Ayers Rock in the middle of the amazing red desert. After the baking heat of Australia, we headed on for the moderate climate of New Zealand and the abundance of natural beauty and interesting cities there.

Breathtaking Eastern Canada

While Canada's most famous for its unspoilt nature in the west, the eastern part's got some very nice attractions, too! From the pretty city of Québec to the almost american metropolis of Toronto, the eastern cities cater to many different tastes. And with the amazing Niagara Falls and the tranquil Thousand Islands region, mother nature knows how to please, too!

Asia City Sightseeing: Chiang Mai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Macau

Spellbound by the many charms of Asia, I was soon to return. This time, I concentrated on visiting some interesting cities - all of them pressure-cookers of sights and sounds: Traditional Chiang Mai, full of temples and pagodas, and brimming with antique Thai culture. Kuala Lumpur, where islamic traditions meet the bustling activity of Asia. Hong Kong, which may look futuristic at one corner, and highly traditional at the next. And Macau - a city of shabby apartment towers and pompous casinos built around a lovely portuguese old town.

Norway by Bus, South to North

Norway's a synonym for breathtaking scenery in its purest form: The country's got an unbelievable abundance of narrow fjords, steep cliffs, raging waterfalls and tranquil mountain lakes. But the cultural heritage and the traditional architecture are just as interesting. Heading beyond the Arctic Circle, the barren lands of the north hold even more nice surprises.


A year after our first visit, we returned to Dubai - can't beat the beaches and the sun! In order to experience some more original arabian culture, we included a three day trip to Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The city, squeezed in between the rocks and the sea, captivated us instantly!

Southeast Asia

I had planned to do some hops in Southeast Asia on my way back from New Zealand to Europe anyway. But what I finally ended up with was an amazing trip on its own: After starting in Singapore and including a sidetrip to Taipei, I work my way north via Kuala Lumpur to Thailand's scenic south, and then via the country's bustiling capital Bangkok to the laid-back country of Laos.

New Zealand

Visiting an english school, I spent a total of four months in New Zealand, and totally fell in love with the country. The first three months were centered around Auckland and the attractions of the north, but during the final month I set out on a bus trip once around the beautiful country!


In 2006, I had the pleasure to visit the emerging metropolis of Dubai for the first time. While there was still a lot of construction work going on, one could easily observe the ambitious projects being started all around the city, with the ultimate goal of leading the UAE City to the top of the world in a few years' time.

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