After the tour through the fancy lounges we are taken to the hangar to have a closer look at SWISS' new longhaul workhorse. HB-JNA, the first of its kind for the airline, is already waiting for us - all polished and shiny! 

73.9 meters long...

...with a wingspan of 64.8 meters

In SWISS' configuration, it can carry a total of 340 passengers over a distance of 14'490km.

The first impression when you stand next to it? This thing is huuuuuge! 



The crew of the delivery flight, posing in front of the new flagship

Let's let that size sink in a little bit while we're turning our attention to the lovely buffet of traditional Swiss snacks - several cheeses and cured meats, all arranged in a fantastic presentation (and check out that gigantic loaf of bread!). After all the posh bites over at the lounges, this down-to-earth snack served in a hangar was much more my taste - especially with my favourite airplane just waiting behind my back!




Two General Electric GE90-115BL engines power the new SWISS flagship. Each one of them produces 52,3 tons of thrust, making it the world's most powerful bypass engine. At a diameter of 3.43 meters, it is also the world's largest - you could actually fit a cross-section of the Embraer 195's fuselage in there! 


Big engines come with big responsibility!



Landing Gear

The Triple Seven's main landing gear consists of two six-wheel bogies, with each tire being able to carry a weight of 27 tons! 



The large "1363" markings on the tires seem to refer to the aircraft's serial number :-)

The nose gear surprised me - I had never noticed that bulky control panel attached to it!


Some quick words from SWISS' former CEO Harry Hohmeister, before the aircraft was officially opened by the leaders of SWISS and a government representative, Ms Walker Späh, Head of the Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich. 



Time to head inside myself...

...the red carpet can't be missed :-)

Looks fantastic from up here!

Quick peek into the front office :-)


Welcome to the main cabin!


The aft galley, already named the in-flight discotheque by some flight attendants because of its massive size 

Economy Class

Economy seats 270 passengers in a 3-4-3 layout...




Wingview from seat 31A

Business Class

Business Class provides space for 62 passengers, and offers seats that can be turned into 2 meter lie-flat beds. 





First Class

The eight passengers in First will be able to enjoy ample space, seats which can be converted into mini-suites, electric window blinds, and are facing the industry's largest TV screens, at 32 inch (according to Swiss). And they may use a private wardrobe :-) 


That's what the Frist Class seat looks like when turned into a bed (and obviously after having been tested out by the previous 147 or so visitors...) 


Love the cockpit instruments on the flight info screen :-) 


And as a contrast, a quick look into the rear cargo hold

Time to say goodbye - for now at least, because soon JNA and its eight sisterships will be a daily sight at Zurich Airport! 

Perfect to finish a day like this with a sweet treat...and well, a less sweet one too :-)

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